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Start generating calls in under 10 minutes

Our intelligent callback platform takes just minutes to set up and will quickly help your business increase inbound calls and conversions

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Trusted by global businesses, big and small

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Start receiving calls with Callback Widget in under 10 mins
5 Minutes to customize callback widget

5 mins

Customise the appearance of your widget
2 minutes to setup agents for callback widget

2 mins

Add in your agents direct line or mobile numbers
1 minute to copy your ResponseIQ code to your website

1 mins

Copy and paste your ResponseiQ code into your website header
0 minutes for your callback widget to go live

0 mins

Your widget will now be live and ready to use on your website
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Book your free setup session with one of our product experts

Our customers love our free setup sessions as they are fully guided on how to not only setup ResponseiQ but also how to make the most of what we offer.

Our Setup sessions are completely free and you have no obligation to buy after your trial.

Already have a chat widget? Great!

ResponseiQ works great with chat, in fact more than 60% of our customer have a chat function they use alongside our callback widget.

Convert more of your website visitors into qualified leads

Driving relevant traffic to your website is hard work and getting those visitors to convert is even harder.

The widget seamlessly connects your site visitor to your sales team in 27 seconds via intelligent callback technology. Our existing customers have seen increases in website conversions by up to 4000%.

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Callback widget reporting features
Give your agents the information they need when they need it

When your agents are connected to a potential client they will see:

- Where the caller came from (Google, Facebook, organic)

- The pages they have visited and the page they are currently on

- The keywords they used to find you

- Which country and city they are in

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Empower your marketing team with actionable insight

Track which channels and campaigns are delivering you the most calls with easy to understand graphs and tables so you can optimise for the best ROI.

We also have a first class integration with Google Analytics so you can rest assured that all activity is measured and ready for you to use in your marketing plan.

Reporting and insights with Google Analytics integration
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How does it work on mobile?

Our widget performs best on mobile visits as your lead is already holding the device they want you to call them on.

Our data shows that adding RIQ to your mobile website will increase the likelihood of your lead calling to book by 40%!

What our customers say
Incoming calls to our call center have increased by 50% just by implementing this simple tool. More calls = more revenue. One happy customer. We have been using ResponseiQ for a few months now and the results have been amazing.

Vanessa Matthews

- Operations Manager - Attraction World
ResponseiQ completely revolutionized our business; it not only generates lots of additional new enquires but provides a better customer journey. Everything has become automated resulting in a much better chance of reaching a customer. It makes it quick and simple for people to inquire. The team is helpful, responsive and proactive. All of us at Capify can’t thank them enough for everything they’ve done for the business.

Sian Crookell

- Marketing - Capify
We’ve seen conversation rates on website visitors increase which frankly means more revenue for our business.

The interface is slick and the backend provides lots of useful insights. We are considered experts within our industry and know a thing or two about marketing. We did not think this could add another positive layer but it has.

Leon Millard

- CEO - Web Creation UK
...inbound calls from landing pages increased 16.5% over a 10-week period, leading to a significant increase in sales. This is particularly true of leads originating from mobile search campaigns.

The ResponseiQ platform has also found a way into bOnline sales training. With all of the data, it gives us we are able to analyze performance and coach our agents.

Casey Solomon

- Head of Marketing -bOnline
Ultimately, we've achieved maximized customer loyalty and increased conversions and average order size.

Our business deals in sensitive matters so we use ResponseiQ to reduce the friction associated with having to pick up the phone and call and speak with an unfamiliar person about an embarrassing topic.

Adam Greenberg

- Founder and CEO - North Shore
It's increased our inbound calls by 25%! The schedule feature is valued the most as customers can book outside of our working hours.

Lev Pais

- Systems Manager - PSS Removals
We have noticed a large increase in inquiries into our clients' businesses. We have been using ResponseiQ with our clients over the last few months and it makes it quick and easy for someone to call - customers have also commented on how effective it is! Great service and support too!

Ben Spray

- Marketing Consultant - Cupid Carriages
It's been an excellent asset to our lead generation efforts. Total leads have gone up and clients respond very well to the speed of callbacks we're now able to deliver. Customer service is excellent, extremely quick, friendly and helpful. We have and will continue to recommend ResponseiQ to other relevant businesses.

Sam Maley

- Marketing Manager - Inspiring Travel CO
It helped us increase our calls by almost 30% and the main thing is it decreased our marketing cost per lead. I'd recommend it to anyone who's looking to increase their inbound leads off their web traffic. It was really easy. We were up and running in 15 minutes.

Ravi Arora

- CEO - The Flights Guru
ResponseiQ provided an ROI stronger than any other conversion tool we've tested (approx 4000%).

We attributed 16 additional bookings in the first month to ResponseiQ. It has given me the toolset to bridge my traffic acquisition more directly with our sales team.

Laurie Glover

- Marketing Manager - Mulberry Cottages
The return on investment with ResponseiQ is enormous. Before we would likely have lost these opportunities and now we are able to capture and convert them into bookings. Our favourite feature is allowing potential guests to request a call at a time that is convenient for them. We've achieved a 42.1% conversion rate overall.

Maria Lancaster

- Marketing Manager - Tybee
We achieved a 50% conversion rate for all ResponseiQ calls. This has since continued with a 24% call to booking rate.

We were concerned we may only be converting customers who would've called us anyway, but were amazed to see 50% of all bookings were brand new!

Louie Watts

- Marketing Manager - Grand UK Holidays
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