Why call tracking is important for online marketing

04 February

Why call tracking is important for online marketing

Calls to businesses from search, social and paid ad campaigns have increased by 110% since 2014, and in 2019 that totalled 162 billion calls in the United States alone. With this huge influx of calls from digital ads, it is imperative that marketers are able to track, attribute and report on calls made to your business.

It’s difficult for you to realise the value phone calls are bringing to your business when you aren’t tracking them.


Call tracking helps marketers understand: 

  • How calls drive revenue
  • How website traffic responds to call ads, website phone numbers etc.
  • Cost of acquisition and how to reduce it.
  • The marketing value of call tracking including ROI.
  • Which channels generate the highest quality leads.
  • What role call tracking plays in attribution


Some of the marketing benefits of call tracking are:

  • keyword level call attribution
  • Multi-Channel Attribution Tracking
  • Segmenting calls by mediums
  • Optimising campaigns for time of day
  • Average call time and call recordings provide insights in call quality
  • Granular Call Metrics
  • Reporting the value of PPC campaigns

How Dynamic Call Tracking is useful in Marketing Reports

Keyword level – call tracking

With call tracking your marketing team can find out exactly which keywords are producing the most calls and conversions, this may be your most popular product or service. This data can be fed into Google Analytics to show as a conversion.

They can then interpret this data and focus your marketing spend in the right areas, eg: a PPC campaign focused on those golden keywords should result in more sales and eliminate wasted spending on campaigns, ads and keywords that are underperforming.


Segmenting calls by medium

Call tracking means you can recognise whether, paid, SEO or referral traffic are influencing call conversions and lets you understand where you should be focusing your efforts. This allows you to look further into which campaigns are generating the leads.


Optimising campaigns for time of day

Call tracking can teach marketers what time of day businesses are receiving calls, this can help them to understand when consumers are searching for the business, service or product and can create adverts around that schedule


Average call time and call recordings

Understanding the average call times and access to call recordings, gives marketers an insight into the business that would usually be out of their scope.

For example, very long average call times can suggest that there is a lack of information about the business and services or products online – therefore marketers can make useful suggestions to business owners on how this process can be more efficient.

Business owners will also find average call times and call recordings valuable for determining how engaging their call representatives are with customers over the phone, helping to measure the quality of customer service and employees performance. For example, it may reveal that there is a need for training in certain areas where representatives are lacking knowledge.


Granular Call Metrics

Call tracking allows marketers to get granular insights on channels where they otherwise would have low visibility on what happens after a consumer makes a call.


Using call tracking you can see the status of calls and inform the business owner of how many calls there were in total and how many were answered, went to voicemail, were missed or had a “busy signal”. And with the time of day metric, you can conclude about when calls are being missed, for example, and how this customer experience can be improved.

How Standard call tracking brings sales and marketing together

Standard call tracking can provide you with key information such as name, phone number, time of call, duration of the call, location of phone number and call recording. The marketing team can pass on this data to the sales team who can follow up on unclosed leads.

Why does your business needs call tracking?

Businesses and marketing agencies can greatly benefit from using call tracking software, it provides insightful results related to your marketing efforts which help you to make informed decisions about employee and business efficiency and concentrate on increasing ROI.

Written by our partners, SIERRA SIX MEDIA, who are an SEO agency based in Billericay, Essex.

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