Delivering your message to consumers efficiently and why powerful intros matter

27 October

As with conversion marketing which is highly results-driven and mostly dependent on consumer engagement, you’re typically given a handful of opportunities to pitch your product and carry the prospective customer through to the purchase stage. By winning attention through the first website visit, live chat message or phone call, you have the power to lure customers into seriously considering making a purchase. Delivering your message efficiently in the first instance and incorporating further support through an accessible call scheduling facility can help seal the deal with minimal investment.

Greeting messages – engineered to a tee

As with reading a book, an article or Instagram caption – a powerful introduction or first sentence can captivate the reader, engage with prospective customers and form a relationship through carefully selected, concise messages which answer the question or provide the relevant information the consumer is looking to procure.

Efficient call handling – As with telephone enquiry lines, effective and informative introductory messages can confirm to callers that they are in the right place. By laying out any preconditions required to fulfil the purpose of the call, you can work efficiently, reduce call times and answer enquiries faster by listing the relevant information required in advance, for example, ID confirmation, reference number or specific correspondence. If there is a faster way to access support, this should be stated during the intro to speed up the process for both parties, increasing customer satisfaction and customer service quality.

The likes of Response IQ elevate the customer journey by giving the user complete freedom and flexibility by requesting a call now or scheduling one at a specified time. By making this function easily accessible, it shows the human face of the business, increasing website conversions and inbound calls.

Conducting market research – This can prove worthwhile by carrying out mystery calls to analyse the tone, length, speed and style of greeting messages which are either recorded in-house or outsourced to a suitable voice actor. A greeting message should sound naturally welcoming, however, the level of authority and style echoed through the voice will depend on the sector and the services on offer.

A tailored approach to each service – To run you through a handful of scenarios, if you’re a provider of company liquidation services, you will require a perfect blend of authority, formality and an element of trust. If you provide mental health services through an urgent helpline; a trusted, soothing, yet short greeting message can help motivate the caller until they are promptly transferred to a call handler.

By conducting a customer profiling exercise, you can gear your introductory messages to prospective customers by better understanding their communication preferences, needs and characteristics. If your service is restricted to a particular country, such as Scotland or Northern Ireland, tailoring your greeting message to the location in question can help service delivery by using the dedicated phone handlers in this location.

First times the charm

How you welcome customers will have a short-lived or long-lasting effect, depending on the effectiveness of your first approach. Note that the likelihood of a customer returning to your website after failing to find the relevant information in the first instance is slim unless they have already interacted with your brand. The incorporation of call back widgets on your website is an intelligent way to convert website users by communicating with customers in an approachable manner.

Delivering your message to prospective buyers in the first instance is important as it reflects on your service, speed of delivery and approachability. The primary goal of any site is to drive conversion, so by connecting the user directly through to your front-line call handlers, questions can be answered, barriers can be removed and the prospective customer can be qualified as a lead.

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