Updated: 09 Dec, 2017

The only way to compete and survive as a business or startup is to stay ahead of the game, making sure your customers are inspired to engage, take action and return to your business again and again.

Simply checking your Google Analytics every now and again isn’t going to cut it. There are plenty of ways to continuously optimise your websites and digital marketing to get maximum effect – this is where Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) and website conversion tools come in.

CRO done right is like hitting that sweet spot of marketing, but the only way to get there is to test and test again. There are hundreds of CRO tactics you can employ as a marketer and each one of them can boost the ROI of the business. Whether it’s one big change or more likely, many incremental changes over time, CRO can mean the difference between success or failure.

Conversion rate optimisation is never over. It should be worked at constantly and rigorously as a priority for every business. It sounds hard, but there are now so many tools out there that it’s never been easier. From free tools to monthly subscriptions – there’s no excuse for any business to sit back and ignore CRO.

Different types of CRO tools

Every business is different, so the combination of tools that are best for your business might not be the same as someone else’s.

Research tools can usually be defined as being qualitative or quantitative.

Quantitative research is usually performed first, as this will gather hard data and cold facts about your subject from your chosen sample. Once you have this data, you may wish to use qualitative research to explore further.

Qualitative research tools will provide you with a more detailed insight into individual customer patterns and problems. This can help you figure out if any problems perceived on your product or service are widespread and need to be resolved, or if it’s only a problem for a much smaller audience and something you don’t need to focus on.

The type of tools you use will also depend on which stage your business is at. If you’re in the early stages or in the process of pivoting, survey and content or language tools may be the most useful. If you’re in the right place to start growing your business fast, instant CRO and chat tools can be essential.

Some tools out there come with multiple features and some specialise in only one thing. Either option is fine, but again, it depends where you want to focus as a business.

So, now you want a rundown of the very best website conversion tools in 2018? Well, here’s your list, along with a brief description of each tool and what it does:

The best Website Conversion tools of 2018

Instant CRO tools:


fortismo best cro tools

Checkout forms are often victims of the largest drop off rates on a website as the checkout process is abandoned. Find out how to stem this leak and encourage customers to finish checking out. 56.3% over two months.

Price: £60 per month for the basic plan


responseiq best cro optimisation tools

ResponseiQ enables you to get in touch with customers by phone in less than 30 seconds of them visiting your site with their unique callback request add-on, increasing customer calls by up to 60%. Set up is less than 5 minutes and calls start instantly.

Price: £49 per month

Tracking tools:


crazy egg best cro tools

Eye tracking tool that allows you to see how your users are interacting on your site, using heatmaps, scrollmaps and overlay tools.

Price: From $99 per month


Watch customer activity on your site in real time, learning how engaged customers are and what actions they take on each page. Not as broad of an overview as Google Analytics but integrates with over 40+ tools including Facebook Marketing, Slack, Salesforce, HubSpot and more.

Price: Free for the basic plan.


mixpanel best cro tools

Product analysis tool with instant customer insights and features. It includes A/B testing and email & push notification capabilities as well as auto-tracking and funnel visualisation.

Price: Free for the started package

Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools

Overview of your web visitors including demographics, location, devices and browsers they use to visit your site, behaviour and time on site and more. This is probably the most widely used tool as it’s free, with several integration properties with other GA tools (it’s not compatible with non GA tools, however).

Price: Free

Google Tag Manager

google analytics tools cro tools

Create events for conversion metrics like scroll and click tracking, form abandonment and more. If you set up the metrics as events you can create goals based on the conversion metrics you choose, although it does require some time setting up.

Price: Free



Tells you about your customers, the IP addresses they visit from, location started page, where they came from and how long they stayed.

Price: Free for the basic plan


kissmetrics best cro tools

Emphasises recording the journey your customers take through your website as well as behaviour on site, whilst also enabling you to send behaviour-based emails to capture customers at different stages in their journey. Popular with SAS businesses thanks to its excellent visitor stitching properties and detailed funnel report features.

Price: $500 per month

Lucky Orange

lucky orange best cro tools

This platform helps you figure out why customers don’t convert on your website. See recordings, heatmaps, polls, form analytics and use chat, all through the platform.

Price: $10 per month for the basic version


hotjar best cro tools

A CRO platform that offers a package of heat maps, form analytics, conversion funnels, surveys, recordings and more on website and mobile.

Price: Free for the basic package

Content testing tools:

Google Analytics – Experiments

Allows you to run content experiments on your website within Google Analytics, finding out the best converting version of a webpage.

Price: Free

Readability Score

If you’re not a great writer, this site can help by telling you how easy your site content is to read or how well it suits your target audience.

Price: Free and $3 for premium

Unbounce’s Dejargonator

This downloadable extension you get rid of pointless marketing jargon that might be lurking around on your website. No one likes a buzzword so get rid of them for free!

Price: Free

Golden Ratio Typography Calculator

The details are important when it comes to CRO. Find the ideal font size, line-height and width for your page to increase customers time on site.
Price: Free

Peek User Testing

peek user testing best cro tools

Get a 5 minute video of someone using your site or mobile app, enablng you to identify usability problems or other issues you may have overlooked

Price: Free

Website speed tools:


Test the speed of your website. This tool will show you where you can improve and reduce page loading speed within your site, potentially reducing your drop off rate.

Price: Free

Pingdom Website Speed Test

pingdom best cro tools

This tool analyzes the page speed of your website, much like WebPageTest does. You are presented with a score out of 100 and gives you tips on how to increase the page speed.

Price: Free

A/B landing page testing tools:


optimizely best cro tools

Create experiments on everything from design choices to algorithms, pushing your site performance and your customers experience levels to the max.

Price: Free for the first month, POA thereafter.


A tool that helps you create and test landing page variations to increase conversions on your website.

Price: $79 a month for the minimum package


vwo WEBSITE conversion tools

A/B testing and conversion optimisation platform. It brings together all your conversion optimisation programs, from visitor research to A/B testing in one place.

Price: $299 per month for the starter plan

Visual Website Optimizer by VWO

This tool helps you work out how long an A/B split test should be run (this works with multi variants also) to reach statistical significance in a minimum amount of time.

Price: Free

CRO surveys/research and user testing tools:

User Testing

User testing allows you to gather real videos of people using your website as they speak their thoughts outloud – for websites, mobile apps, prototypes and more. Helps businesses check that their apps, websites and products are as easy to use as they think they are!

Price: Starts at $49 per year for 15 videos


qualaroo best cro tools

Real time feedback on decisions customers make on your site to gather insight and understand more about what users want from your site, objections to purchase, reason for visiting and more.

Price: $199 a month for the basic package.


Easily add Queryz to your site and ask your visitors questions to help you understand them. Learn more about customers motivations, questions & how to tailor your site to address this.

Price: $15 per month


survey monkey best cro tools

SurveyMonkey is a free tool that enables you to create and send targeted surveys to gain more insight and data – as well as several other features. Discover insights, get instant feedback & automatically gather publishable feedback from customers.

Price: Free for the basic package

Page rendering Tools:


Allows you to test your website, checking how it appears on all browsers and devices including Android, iOS mobiles as well as tablets and desktops.

Price: Basic starts at $29 per month

Google Mobile-Friendly test

This test by Google analyses your web pages to see if they are mobile friendly or not.

Price: Free